New York List

I've always been terrible at organizing my time. Every year I buy an agenda and I stop using it a couple of months later. I've found that the only thing that works for me are lists. Gosh, I love lists. Lists are like a mini version of an agenda, but they don't require the commitment that a daily planner does.

The cool thing about lists? They really only have to make sense to you.

So it comes without surprise, that I always make a list before I travel. I write down things such as "migraine medication" and "nice underwear" next to each other. It works like a charm.

Last week I was visiting my older sister in New York for her baby shower. When you live in Latin America, a trip to the United States, means shopping. You literally cannot get about 85% of things that you find in a pharmacy up North…

So today, I share with you my current faves and 'must shop for during this trip' that made it to my NEW YORK LIST. 


  • Mascara. My all time favorite: Better Than Sex from Too Faced. Make sure you are changing mascara every year, a lot of bacteria can build up in the brush. Want more options? Take a look HERE for the Best Mascaras Reviews of 2017.

  • Hoola Bronzer by Benefit. It just works. If you are trying to save a couple of $, like me, buy the travel size, it will last forever if you are using it right!

  • Perfume. Although every perfume will smell different depending on the person, it's important to find a scent you identify with. Ever heard of Signature Scent? Well, get on it, girl! Mine is: B by Balenciaga.

  • Last but not least, eye serum. I am currently obsessed with CHANEL LE LIFT Eye Serum. Get to know their Anti-Wrinkle Skincare Like here.



  • Dry Shampoo. My top pick: TRESEMME

  • Burts Bees Chapstick. Really not much to say about this one, definitely my favorite.

dry shampoo



  • Reformation- stock up on cute dresses that won't kill Planet Earth.

  • Go vintage. Take a look around thrift stores and vintage boutiques before spending your precious money at Zara. It's only a matter of time before everyone has your dress.

  • Nice all cotton underwear. You need to refresh your 'special' drawer.

  • Buy Spanx on Amazon. Perhaps you won't buy all of your clothes during this trip, but make sure you buy underwear that will help any dress, look amazing. Spanx smooth out your body and basically hold everything together. Just not your life…

Reformation Blazer PH: Priscila Cader

Reformation Blazer PH: Priscila Cader

Reformation Jumpsuit    

Reformation Jumpsuit 


Last thing to write down in your New York List? Eat a hot dog from a street cart. Happy Shopping!