Nane Miller Pinto

REFRESH 4 2017

Nane Miller Pinto
REFRESH 4 2017

Primer post del año y que emoción un borrón y cuenta nueva. Feliz 2017, espero que sea un año muy feliz para todos.

Mientras me preparaba para escribir este post, que deje listo antes de mis vacaciones y antes de teñirme el pelo, me di cuenta de que tal vez es uno de mis posts más prácticos.

Quiero comenzar el año sugiriendo refrescar su closet. Soy la primera en aceptar que ir de compras es divertido, que ningunas dos jackets negras se van a parecer lo suficiente como para no comprarse las dos y que todos los años nuestros closets parecen pasar totalmente de moda. Pero hoy no.

Con ayuda de J.lang he identificado algunos tips fáciles de seguir para refrescar nuestras prendas. Espero que les guste y que se les quede alguno que otro tip grabado para el resto del año!

Tambien les comento que este post está desarrollado de una manera más amplia en ingles. Abajo lo pueden leer.

Hey guys welcome to a new year. Let 2017 be as fantastic and prosperous as you imagine it to be.

Every new year I set myself a list of resolutions- Much like Bridget Jones, the list is composed of mundane goals such as “reduce intake of white bread” and “start meditating”. And much of these goals come from the idea that a new year, could mean, and should mean a new ME. A new person with totally different eating habits and a longer concentration span.

Still, beginnings are hard work. Specially the beginning of a new year in which our expectations are out of this world, and our positivity levels are beyond us. In reality, we are all just a year older and with that a year wiser. So relax, and take this year as it comes.

But now that we are all a year older with equally old closets, let’s press the “refresh” button. Scan through this post or just watch the video and learn a thing or two about refreshing pieces of clothing you already own.


The strap trend began well into 2016, but watch it grow this year. Couple of ways to wear a strap: across your T-shirt for a quick pick-me-up. Watch your T-shirt go from 0-100 real quick.

You didn’t choose the low-high life, the low-high life chose you? Well worry not, invest in a cute strap and turn your Zara or H&M bags into instant fashun. Your welcome, girl.

Bonus Points: cute dog leash. The cutest at the dog park, guaranteed.


Remember pins? And those jean jackets covered with way too many of them?

Step back from that and transition into leather. These cute and dramatic leather flowers will one: upgrade your already old leather jacket, and two: not pierce the leather like those annoying pins do. Another win? Sure. Because they are made of leather, you can upgrade a little black dress or suit jacket and still look super stylish and zero childish.

I am truly a 90s baby, so can you really blame me for including this?